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Thursday, October 6, 2011


I was once a brave little girl
Who did something big!
I challenged tears,
At the age of ten!
Surrounded by gleeful laughs,
I said, “Mamma, I’ll never cry!”
Time passed on and the small girl grew.
People changed and so did I.
Feeling left out, all alone,
I wanted to cry.
But hey, I challenged tears,
So how could I?
Sticking a permanent smile on my face,
I let my heart bleed
Over everything I lost,
Over the love of my life.
But No! I wouldn’t cry, tears were bad.
Growing again, changes again.
Feelings bottled up, how could I cry?
I was the brave heart
Who promised to smile.
But one day it gushed forth,
Everything I’d faced –
Cold stares, anger, no love, no care,
Revenge and teasing, lots of mocking,
Failures big and small, bitter and sour,
Wounds so deep,
Those that would never heal.
And then they came to me,
The bitter tears of life –
Saying “If you weren’t lame
To challenge us like that,
At least we would’ve been with you
Oh dear one!”

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