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Thursday, March 3, 2011


With my 9th standard classes coming to an end and exams blocking my entry into an inviting vacation, everything seems to fall into melancholy. As yet another year draws to a finish, am nervous. Yes, nervous! I find myself drifting into flashbacks of yester-years. With a new “teen” next to my age, I find myself not as that innocent kid, but a typical teenager. Even though I realize that these transformations are inevitable and for good, somewhere deep inside my mind I still crave to be that little girl – a girl who was oblivious to all negatives of this world. Her only problems were lost color pencils or a glass of milk that she had to drink. She dreamt only about fairies and chocolates. Her only fears were monsters, monsters that were a proof of her mother’s good imagination skills.
I see my senior 10th graders leave with farewells and it dawns on me that it’s my turn next year. 2010-11 academic year passes by, leaving a big mark in my life. The year gave me a ton of memories that’ll always remain in my heart. School became enjoyable with lots of friends. Classes got interesting and teachers took on a motherly attitude. It was the year that gifted me a best friend forever and taught me new lessons of life. Yet, it took away a lively soul from our school – Sonima who died in a bus accident.
I changed into a more responsible individual who was aware of that future beholds. I know I’ll make it, but the element of nervousness and anxiety refuses to leave my mind. Still, am ready for whatever the coming days toss into my track. The nervousness or the transformation cannot keep me from widening my horizons. My shoulders are strong enough to hold the responsibilities. With my head held high, I’ll overcome the barriers, wave off the discouragements and stick to the path I choose. Yes, I’ll use the change for good!                                 

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