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Monday, March 14, 2011


(This poem was inspired by the song "Perfect" by P!nk. I dedicate this to every individual in this world who thinks he/she is not perfect..)

Swaying side to side,
With pain boiling inside,
Tears rolling down,
Having tasted the bitter life.
Always been friendless, a loner in life,
Never been loved, never been cared for.
All because you had your own ways,
Ways of thinking, ways of living.
Can’t sleep at night, No peace of mind,
Never felt how good joy is…
Spent your life hating yourself,
Having known nothing other than hate.
But there’s something you fail to realize –
In the end, none of these matters!
Bad looks, no skills, dirty clothes, poor or rich,
They’re not what life is about…
What matters is not if you lived your life
The way others wanted you to.
It never matters if you live up to the big
Expectations of thousand others.
What counts is if you lived up to yours!
Your wishes, your desires, your expectations.
Life is not about being what others call “perfect”,
But being what “perfect” is in your own eyes!!


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