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Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Does It Mean??

I can’t learn the way you do,
 Am the last when it comes to marks.
Math, history, science and English
Are not the things am good at.
I don’t talk the way you do.
You may not get it,
As it’s seldom clear.
I am not like you, I’m different.
But my heart, it’s just the same.
I do love the way you all do.
I do my things all alone,
I eat, I bath, I wash alone.
When I pass by, people laugh.
They say am “retarded” and give hi-5 s.
I never found out what “retarded” means,
Do they mean am good? Loving and cute?
I’m happy to be the reason why
My friends laugh and have a good time.
Yes, am “retarded”, whatever it means!!

Written from the point of view of a mentally disabled child, this one's dedicated to my lovable brother Gopi, who suffers from a chromosomal defect called Down Syndrome..Bringing him up into what he is right now has always been difficult for my family..It really hurts a lot when people try to pour water over all our efforts concerning him..Hope they realize soon that ridiculing children with learning disabilities and other defects just leads the society into a very pathetic condition..
Gopi, I love you... :)

Dream Ever, Fear Never...Malavika.. :)


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