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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Friend

She curled once again on me that night. The girl was crying again. Looks like she had yet another fight with her parents. Or maybe it was one of those days when she missed her lost love. Well, that’s how all these teenage girls are…

But I would never complain. How could I, after all those years we’ve spent together? I fondled her when she was young – a naughty baby who would never lay still. I have seen her grow up from that little girl to a mature almost-woman.

She complained to me whenever she was angry and I always heard all of it without a single interruption. I never asked her to shut up, when many other did.  I was the first one to know of her first crush – the cute nerd from her school. Every single time, I heard the very first exclusive versions of the short stories and poems she wrote. She sang her favorite tunes to me. I can very proudly say that nobody knows her as much as I do.

She kicks me, punches me, wets me with her tears. But I was always there the next time she wanted someone to talk to. Every night, she opened up to me about her worries and told me about her life.

When she returned from a journey, she always rambled on about how much she missed me. And I always loved hearing those long talks.

Sometimes she throws books or clothes at me, maybe even her 10 kg school bag. But you know, I love her so much that I cannot get angry at her. A new sheet and a pillow are more than enough to make my day. After all....I’m just a bed! J


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