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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dream Ever, Fear Never..

She wasn't much of a writer. She preferred reading. A reading room was her safe haven. But she had these strange impulses on days, when she would just sit with a book and pen, to write. Initially, writing was her way of spilling out emotions. She wrote about what she'd gone through...she wrote about herself. She saw herself being calmed down by the outflow of words. She stacked up poems and write ups. But it was her little secret. It took her a long time to let her works out of their cocoon.

And one fine day, she posted them on Facebook. Not for any particular reason, but like the title of a show goes - Just for fun..

She was overwhelmed by the response she got. People patted her on the back and spoke in encouragement. Comments and likes increased in number.

You can definitely do well. Just give it a try..let it out girl.. 

Her mother's words became her motive.

That's how she started blogging. Every time there was a comment or somebody started following her blog, there was a big smile on her face. It gave her energy to come up with more and more creative products of thought. She started taking writing seriously. She started thinking differently and kicked up her observation skills.  Slowly, without her realizing, writing became her way of expressing herself. Everytime something interesting happened in her life, she found herself trying to develop it into something for her blog. As time passed, she drew inspiration from things around her, rather than just herself. She never bothered about the page-views or her blog stats. She never took the number of follows as a measurement of her creativity.She saw criticism as a proof for the higher level her works had taken.

Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you..

She believed in herself and stuck to those words.

And the best did come back to her. She got heartwarming responses from readers, strangers and acquaintances alike. The first poem on her blog was re-posted on a website by a follower and feedback from around the world came to her mailbox. And these responses kept her going. Her words got wings..

Now, writing soothes her as much as music. It gives her immense satisfaction and a sense of being. Reading changed it's role from a safe haven into a door to improved and better writing. She saw her writing shed it's childish veil and grow into something better. Blogosphere became a world on it's own for her, a place where she could present her ideas as well as learn from the innovations of several others.

And she always said,

Dream Ever, Fear Never...


It's 13th Feb 2012, a year since I started blogging. Looking back, I think it came out pretty well, 13 being unlucky n all!  :)


  1. Happy bloggiversary! This post could have been about so many of us - writing seems to have life of its own doesn't it?
    I look forward to the next year.

  2. looking @ this i feel bloging is realy fun isn't it?

    1. well, if writing is your passion, then there's nothing more fun than a blog :)

  3. You totaly deserve the OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARD that you got


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