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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Enemy

The light from the lone streetlight, entering through the window, cast giant shadows on my bedroom wall.

I curled up under my blanket, staring out into the night.

That’s when I saw him – The Enemy.

I did all I could to gobble the scream that was erupting from my throat.

Suddenly, I felt like all my systems have paralyzed. 

My instincts screamed at me to run out of the room, get out of the house and get help.

But no, how can I appear weak in front of him?

He stared at me with those creepy emotionless eyes.

Drops of perspiration trickled down my face.

I’ve heard that human mind is the fastest traveler. Today, I seemed to prove it as my mind went over the times I had encountered him and ran away screaming. I remember how he would follow me, always faster than me.

No, I didn’t stand a chance if it came to running.

I wanted to shut my eyes and pretend to be asleep. But that wouldn’t do much good. He already knows that I’m awake.

Moreover, I’ll be as silly as the stupid cats who think nobody sees them if their eyes are shut.

No, I WILL NOT appear weak and afraid.

And the past encounters have left me with a strong belief that he can smell my fear.

I looked him directly in the eye. I hope he got the message that I’m braver than he thought.
He made his first move.

He got in through the open window.

In a matter of seconds he’ll attack me.

I had only this matter of seconds to save my life.

I racked my brains for something, anything that would get me out of here in one piece.

Then it hit me.

Yes, the enemy is afraid of light.

I stood up, gathering all my courage.

The first thing in a battle is to NOT turn your back at your enemy. But today I have no choice.

I turned around, reaching for the switchboard.

It funny how I never get what I want when I’m in a hurry. I turned on all the switches.

The tube light and the bulb flickered to life together.

Yes, yes, yes! I did it.

I looked back to see my enemy take off through the window.

I almost cried with relief.

All those years in biology class paid off.

 I was right, cockroaches run away from bright light.


  1. Do they?? I will try it the next time.:) Nice post.

  2. i knew the ending.... BUt still awesome presentation

    1. you KNEW the ending? oh man :( u weren't supposed to..

  3. Ooh, saw yet another periplaneta americana? Disgusing creature, but nice story! :)

    1. flaunting your new knowledge huh?:P anyway, thanks :)


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