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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Best Friends

How dare she! Seriously, what does she think of herself?

She calls herself my best friend and keeps stuff from me? And her dumb excuses – “I forgot..”, “I didn’t have time..”. Blah blah blah.

How much longer does she expect me to adjust with her odd ways?

I stand through her crying and mood swings. I stand through all her tantrums and short temper. In return, she “forgets” to tell me about her conversation with her crush.

She is such an airhead.

I think what my mom says is right. She is just JEALOUS. Yup, my best friend is jealous of me. She envies me. Yup yup yup. Otherwise why would she behave in all these crazy ways?

I think she thinks that he thinks I’m better than her. Why else would she avoid – deliberately avoid-  conversations about their last meeting? Definitely not how best friends should behave.

Wait until I get to school. I’ll show her where she belongs. I’m honestly done with this adjustment.
My school bus comes and I get in. Others stare at me because I have a VERY angry face right now. Ofcoz I do! Today I’m gonna end my friendship with that silly supposed best friend of mine. I have every right to be angry.

I sit down in my usual seat near  the window. I just hope she comes to school today. I need to get over with this today itself. I cannot bear this tension any longer.

I start constructing some come-back lines for the argument I’m gonna have with her today. She’s such a big drama queen. I cannot afford to stammer for responses.

Finally the bus reaches the school.

I see her standing across the ground, under the tree – our usual meeting place.
She smiles, showing all her 32 teeth. Oh no, not 32. Teenagers have only 28. But that's NOT the point!

Her smile is so sickening.

I scowl at her. I’m scowling hard as I cross the ground.

She is running towards me. Why on earth, I don’t know. I repeat my arguments in my head once again. I’m not gonna waste one minute.

I stop walking as she comes nearer.  I close my fists and wait for her to come closer so that I can scream her ears off. Middle of the school playground is a nice place to fight.

And then she shouts – “Federer’s world no.1 AGAIN!!!”.


And then I scream.


And then...we hug.


  1. The references to "someone" are so obvious. ;) The "I think she thinks..." line had me in splits. I totally loved this one!

    And yes, three cheers for our beloved Federer!

    1. No Zainab, you mistook my intentions with that 'someone' ;) :P This isnt exactly a part of our friendship saga :D and ofcoz, FedEx is the BEST!!!!! :D <3


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