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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Those Days

 Recently, an English versification competition was conducted in my school. The topic was 'Those Days'. So, this is what I came up with during the 2 hrs.

I remember those days
When I was young, full of life.
My beauty and wealth
Mesmerized minds.

I remember those days
When I was the inspiration.
I was wanted and loved.
I was tended and preserved.

I remember those days
Before I greyed,
Before my blood was drained,
Before my wealth was plundered.

Now they suffocate me,
Now they exploit me.
Now they kill their brothers,
And trample me underfoot.

They conquer, they misuse.
They build, they destroy.
And I, Mother Earth,
Still remember those days!


  1. For some reason, this completely took me by surprise. "Those days" had brought to my mind something that went on the lines of an adult ruing the loss of his childhood innocence... but this was cool. I loved it. Now let's see who bags the first spot in the contest! ;)

    1. Thank you:) Well, I just wanted to do something different. Something that would surprise everyone. Glad it worked. And yea, let's wait and watch :D

  2. did surprise me. Nice idea. Good job! :)


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