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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Unknown Romance

Cameras clicked everywhere. One of the greatest weddings of all time was about to be announced. The multibillionaire giants Lesley’s Corp and McDor’s Ltd were uniting with the marriage of their heirs Phillip Lesley and Angela McDor.

Every inch of the party hall was covered in fancy expensive decorations. Golden ribbons, white daisies and tulips were everywhere. Guests including the richest members of the society were busy adjusting their bows and hats.

But Phil wasn’t interested in the bliss of glamour and luxury around him.

His hands moved towards his most valuable possession – a piece of paper safely tucked away in the pocket of his silk coat. Phil’s eyes craved for one more look at it before Arthur Lesley announced his son’s fate in front of the whole world. He took it out…

Love doesn’t ask why…

The Celine Dion lyrics were written out in a beautiful curly writing. He felt himself slipping away from his reality to that night…


It was just another normal day for those at the Bluebird Karaoke Club. But for Phil, it was one of the best days of his life – an escape from the formality of the society gathering and toasts to the normalcy of a young man’s life that would never be his. Away from the showy satin and silk, he felt himself relax in a pair of borrowed casuals.

This is what he wanted – a night in a karaoke club far away from his reality. Here he wasn’t obliged to follow any norms or etiquette of social life. He could act like he was just another guy enjoying the night at a club.

“Yo! Who’s coming up for the next song?”  The DJ’s voice boomed into the mike. A dozen hands shot up among the audience.

“The blonde there…come up gal.” The DJ flashed a brilliant grin as the slender figure of a girl in a beige dress rose from a seat, several rows in front of Phil. Phil’s gaze followed as she walked gracefully towards the dais. His mind was swept away by her volume of waist long corn silk hair. Phil caught his breath as the girl turned to face the audience.

“Love doesn’t ask why…It speaks from the heart…and never explains…”

Her voice was the sweetest sound Phil had ever heard.

“Don’t you know that love doesn’t think twice…it can come all at once or whisper from a distance…”

The table fan on her right blew her perfume towards Phil, along with the lyrics sheet she was holding. It fell near his feet. Taking off his eyes from her for the first time since he set it there, he bent down to pick the paper. When he straightened, he found himself facing the girl’s angelic face.

Her sea green eyes locked his gaze. He felt like the world  around them had suddenly stopped and it was just the two of them. He stretched his hand forward, holding out the paper to her.

She looked at it and hesitated.

“Keep it”, she said and ran away, leaving Phil alone in the crowd.


The blinding camera flashes brought Phil’s present crashing back on him.

Had he not been chained by wealth and status, he would’ve sought her out and kept his life on her feet. But no! The stars weren’t on his side.

He hadn’t bothered to argue with his father. Why should he? What difference would it make? It’s not as if his pleas would win against his father’s decision.

He crumpled the paper in his hands and put on his well practiced flashy smile for the paparazzi.

Behind Phil, the guests turned their heads to see Angela McDor walk gracefully into the party hall.


Angela adjusted her hair and made sure her bow wasn’t crooked. But her thoughts did not stay. They darted back to that night – a precious memory she had treasured in her heart….


Angela sneaked out of a kitty party to breathe some happy air in a karaoke club. Music was her passion. But all she got were operas by some high and mighty artist, staged personally for her in the McDors’ private theatre. What good was that?

She felt her heart soar when the DJ picked her for the next song. Finally, she would be able to get the taste of a normal life, away from the diamonds and glitter.

She closed her eyes and sang from her heart…

She was so lost in the song that she realized her lyrics sheet was not in her hands anymore only when she saw it land near a man’s feet.

While he bent down to take it, she walked towards him.

Angela was under the impression that she wasn’t one of those girls who went oogly-woogly in front of good looking guys. But when she saw the guy in front of her, all she could do was stare. She felt drawn towards the warm sparkle in his eyes…

He stretched out the paper for her to take. She glanced at it and noticed the time on his wrist watch.
God! She was late! The party would’ve finished by now and people would’ve started noticing her absence. She had to go…

“Keep it”, she said and ran away.


What if she had stayed that night? Angela couldn’t shake off the uneasiness gripping her heart. In a matter of minutes, her father was about to announce her marriage with an unknown Ritchie Rich. But the memories of the young man at the club would always haunt her. It would remain the biggest “what if?” of her life….


Cameras clicked everywhere. One of the greatest weddings of all time was about to be announced.



  1. I liked the way how it came back to the first sentence, but in a completely different sense. Good work! :)


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