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Sunday, February 13, 2011


The moon shone bright,
As the king of the night.
The stars twinkled at me,
From up in the sky..
Yes, it’s night- the end of a day,
A door to another!
It’ the time I forget everything,
My woes, my worries and close my eyes.
I drift away to my dream world,
It’s so nice there, everything’s good!
In my dream world, I am the best.
No one hurts me, no one shouts..
I have friends there, all good ones,
No treacheries, no dirty fights,
No back stabbing, no tears at all..
I laugh; I dance in my dream world,
I keep sleeping to keep these with me!
But dreams are dreams, they aren’t real,
They’re gone once I open my eyes.
I stare into the night, and feel the wind..
It brushes my cheeks and soothes my mind.
Around me the world sparkles,
Bathed in silver, so calm, so pure!
Yes, it’s night!
Now, everything’s all right..

Dream Ever, Fear Never...Malavika.. :)

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