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Friday, February 18, 2011


Every time I walk alone,
Deep in thought, drifting away...
To people, I may seem queer,
With my nose in fat books,
Absorbed between the lines.
People may think that’s what I am
A book worm, a nerd, not one of them…
When am happy, I laugh out loud,
I cry my heart out when am upset.

I let out my feelings, never bottle them up.
And people may think that’s what I am,
A sensitive girl, who’s got very little control
Over her own emotions!
I think a lot, talk to myself,
Lost within the strands of my own thoughts.
People may think that’s what I am
A weird little alien, coming from somewhere
Not among them!
I speak out my mind, I never care,
I try not to be an introvert.
With my childish talks and sing-song voice,
People may think that am immature!
But all I would like to let them know
Is, the real ‘me’ is unknown to them..
They haven’t seen me, when I face my life
With courage and take up the challenges.
They haven’t seen me posing solutions,
Wiping tears from many-a-face..
What they have seen is what it seems,
They don’t know what the real ‘me’ is like!!

Dream Ever, Fear Never...Malavika :)


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