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Saturday, September 24, 2011

21st Century and Superstitions

‘Superstition’ – something we come across frequently, especially if there are grandparents around.  So let’s start with the basics. What exactly are superstitions? Well, they are some kind of blind beliefs that do not have a logical or rational side. Different cultures have traditionally held differing superstitions beliefs, beliefs that are deemed "irrational."  Such beliefs go back to ancient cultures such as the Greeks and Romans, who believed that natural occurrences were a result of actions of the gods.  People, on not finding convincing answers to their doubts, started making new explanations on their own, which were often concentrated on super-natural forces.
But that was long ago. Long before even day and night were scientifically explained. And now it’s the 21st century, with science and technology reaching peaks of development. But why do we still find people shouting “break a leg” (old English superstitious substitute for wishing luck) and keeping a low profile on Friday the 13th? If a marriage is not successful, the blame is on the mismatched horoscopes, rather than the individuals’ incompatibility. And crossing your fingers seriously doesn't alter the exam results, do they? Even when man’s footsteps are on moon, why do people still flinch when a black cat crosses their path? Now, what has the poor animal got to do with our life’s happenings in any way?
The reason could either be the person’s ignorance or lack of faith in his/her doings.  If something goes wrong, it’s because of the ‘devil’ and not because of the person’s actions. But actually, these are all peoples’ ways of getting guilt off their conscience. People have something super-natural to put blame on whenever their instincts lead them the wrong way. And we have a great deal of astrologers and fortune tellers draining believers’ pockets, making use of this fact. At the same time, like every coin has 2 sides, some superstitions are kind of good for people. The prayers/meditation at dusk before lighted lamp (as in the Hindu customs) for example, can be soothing and gives a great deal of positive energy. In the modern busy life, such beliefs help people to develop clear thinking. But when superstitions tend to disturb peace of mind and happiness of life, they are seriously to be kept at bay.
So in a nutshell, what actually matters is how you balance your life, with or without superstitions. 

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