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Thursday, November 24, 2011

She Was Waiting..

She was waiting. Well, there was nothing new about it. She has been pretty much doing the same thing her whole life.

She still remembered how she had waited in the dark hospital corridor when she was 6, surrounded by khaki clad men with sticks. Uncle Ram had come to talk to the doctor. She recalled the doctor’s grave expression while he declared that her parents were no more. They had died in the car crash, leaving her all alone and unguarded.

She had waited again, with tears in her eyes, while everybody she knew refused to take her under their wing. Would she never be protected? “Ram, you could at least take her to do the house work”, an old lady she didn’t recognize had remarked. But probably she was too numb and young to realize what they meant.

She remembered waiting in Uncle Ram’s car, clutching on to her fading good memories of her parents, while Ram tried to convince his wife.

She had waited again, outside the dining room, for everybody else to finish their food and give her what’s left.

Many-a-time had she waited for a peep into the colorful TV uncle’s kids watched. She remembered waiting for the cut to heal after she got whacked with a pan as usual. Would she never be loved?

She went on waiting, near the gate, for the school bus to arrive. She still remembered the content feeling that filled her heart when she carried uncle’s kids’ bags and felt the weight of books. Will she never be able to study again?

The cuts never healed and her tears never dried, but she kept waiting...For a miracle in life…

Isn't it high time that we actually DID something against the injustice faced by children, especially girls, other than sticking posters? It's your decision, to be a miracle or not! Another Children's Day just went by..think about it!


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