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Monday, December 31, 2012


*Written during the District Level Eng Versification contest*

Searching for a light,
Plunged in silence so loud,
Darkness is what I find,
No matter where I look.
The darkness is profound
In every venomous fang,
Drooling with dark lust,
Biting into feminity.
The darkness is evident
In every blood stained hand,
Always in search of something
To be looted and consumed.
The darkness is definite
In the ever-hungry eyes
That see the figures on cheques,
But not figures writhing in pain.
The darkness is growing
In every straying mind
Thinking ‘I’ before ‘we’,
Always ‘me’ before ‘they’.
The darkness is ready to pounce
On every clueless soul
To corrupt it until its crippled
To choke it until its dead.
Only if I knew how,
I would tear away the dark veil
For, now the darkness is darker
Darker than it has ever been.

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